Quality Service & Quality Parts

todd-smith-precision-marine-&-motorsportsPrecision Marine and Motorsports in Brentwood NH was started by Todd Smith. He has a significant amount of experience in both the marine and motorsports world. He has been working in these fields his whole life. There is a solid 10 years of him working at a marina and another 10 years at a motorsports shop. With a combined experience of over 20 years backing precisions marine and motorsports service. This allows us to provide you with a great experience.
Our work is driven from passion, passion that has come from all the years deeply involved in the marine and motorsports worlds. The owner Todd Smith has been racing dirt bikes since he was 14 and factory sponsored snowmobile racer since the age of 20. His unique racing background allows for Precisions Marine & Motorsports to provide high quality service.
Whether is a marine or a motorsport that needs work, when you bring it to us you will get direct one on one attention right from the owner. Our goal is to make it so your comfortable and assured that the job is going to get done right. We are a very detailed oriented business that makes sure the customer gets what the need.
Our Customers come here because you can really tell this a place that has the true passion for working in these industries. Helping people out and making sure they get what is needed at a affordable rate is what Precisions Marine & Motorsports in Brentwood NH does.